About us

We are a family run business based in St Albans, Hertfordshire. We started this business as a hobby four years ago.  Soon, it turned into a business with the orders flowing in.

We started by upcycling furniture and moved to upcycling dining tables exclusively.  We could not find quality benches in the market and hence started building our own.

Two years ago, we launched our new pine dining table sets.  These sets have a brand new handcrafted dining table with a new bench with upcycled chairs.

Last year, we ventured into making completely new sets with new pine tables, pine benches and a variety of style of chairs.

This year, we are proud to offer industrial and modern dining tables with a variety of table tops including Walnut, Oak. Contact us to know more

We cannot have reached this level without the support of our wonderful customers. Our testimonials page is a reflection on our quality of work.